SoulFormation seeks to nurture spiritual health in the lives of men and women who serve in Christian organizations. We assist pastors and other leaders in discovering avenues of revitalization that will lead to sustainable, joyful, and life-giving ministries.

Finding experiences of renewal amid the demands of serving others is one of the greatest challenges leaders face. SoulFormation endeavors to provide resources and experiences that will “give back”.

In light of challenges that come with ministry, it is critical to stop, reflect, and recover union with Christ. If we fail to do this, the “being” side of ministry will be swallowed by the world of “doing.”

SoulFormation seeks to shift the focus away from the external demands to places of inner renewal. We invite you to join us in exploring avenues that bring life and hope to the soul.

Many leaders now realize that business as usual is not working – deep down inside something is missing. This sacred thirst is the beginning of a deeper intimacy with God. They are ready to shed old ways of being and explore new pathways of renewal that will form the soul. The time has come to assess the realities of ministry and take the journey toward spiritual wellness.

Paul Rhoads, Executive Director

Paul Rhoads,
Executive Director, SoulFormation

office address: 2014 NE Sandy Blvd, Suite 206, Portland, OR 97232
mailing address: 2014 NE Sandy Blvd, Suite 206, Portland, OR 97232