“The Space for God retreat in January was one of the most significant value added events we’ve ever had with practical, real life insights that were beneficial and freeing.”

Dr. Matt Whitehead- Superintendent, Pacific Northwest Conference of the Free Methodist Church

“Paul helped us clarify our callings at a critical time in our growth as parents, pastors and leaders. He has given us hours to process the development and implementation of a supervi¬sion and mentoring structure to guide and develop a whole new crew of young leaders.”

Bob Ekblad- Executive Director, Tierra Nueva

“Rita’s consistent message is that Jesus needs to be my ultimate authority, the primary place I seek wisdom.
Leading out of a place of intimacy with God is resulting in greater trust among my team.”

Kashmira Hauptman- Co-Founder, Rakteh Ministries, Bangkok Thailand.

“Morris possesses a unique capacity to serve as a doctor of the soul and an uncanny ability to lead a group of people in a Godward direction. When it comes to a leader, and an organiza¬tion, that understand the in’s and out’s of working with pastors, Morris Dirks and SoulFormation get it.”

Matt Boda- Lead Pastor, Rock Pointe Church in Calgary and former District Superintendent, Alliance NW

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